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You can get the "DJ DELF Dailies" for FREE! Click the image below to receive the French riddle of the day, anwer to previous day's riddle, subject of the day, tip of the day, "Photo de jeudi" and the free diagnostic assessment tool. DJ DELF Dailies come every single day for the rest of this school year and ALL of next school year. Try it in class and/or go online and join hundreds of students in spontaneous, daily French conversation! Click image below for your FREE copy:

Looking for a resource to meet the considerations and expectations of your Province or State French Curriculum or the CEFR? With the DJ DELF Kit your students will be shopping, interviewing, navigating streets, eating at a café, meeting people and more!  The spontaneous French conversation starters, authentic songs, videos, skits, activities, subjects of the day, as well as the required provincial/state curriculum guides, learning checklists and evaluation guides are ALL included!

D.J. D.E.L.F. is the  D.J. and French  Resource that is...

« Déterminé à Enseigner la Langue Française ». 

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Teachers! We know that you work hard. Students! We know you want the best help available to learn French, Spanish and English. At Educorock Productions Inc., we are certified teachers working hard to make French, Spanish and English educational songs, videos and products that give you more choices in order to make your lives easier.

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